About Deviated Theatre
DEVIATED THEATRE, comprised of over twenty actors and dancers alike, is a vehicle for the creation of new works by Co‐Directors Enoch Chan and Kimmie Dobbs Chan. Kimmie and Enoch have been selected as participants for Dance/MetroDC's Forward Five for 2010. The Chan's original productions can be described as 'operas of movement', in which scenes range from pure physical acting to those of powerful dance choreography, and everywhere in‐between. Full musical scores carry the audience from moment to moment, and a minimalist stage allows for stark imagery to resonate: a beloved white umbrella, a 40 foot swath of red fabric, a glowing crystal amulet, a magical mirror over 14 feet high. The productions are characteristically fantastical in nature, and the Chan's initial production was described by Ruth Reader in the Baltimore City Paper as "reminiscent of one of Edward Gorey's children's books". The productions are a feast for the emotions and will run through your mind for days after you see them in performance.

DEVIATED THEATRE gave its debut, with Aspiro‐‐step into curiosity, at Dance Place in Washington, D.C., on July 5th and 6th, 2008, to sold‐out performances that were highlighted in The Washington Post. In less than one year, the company has since completed 9 successful performance runs in the metro‐DC and metro‐Baltimore areas. The company draws from a repertoire of three works. Two are evening‐length productions: Aspiro‐‐step into curiosity, and LORE‐‐A MYSTERY AWAITS. The third is a 25‐minute short, entitled TOKEN‐‐the stakes are altered which was commissioned by and premiered at CuDC's 2009 Source Festival Mash‐Ups. DEVIATED THEATRE will premiere an exciting fourth work this Spring, entitled Sway.